Jan 13

jesus-on-the-cross-abstract-image“If it is important to you, you will find a way; if not, you’ll find an excuse.”  That simple saying, it seems, stands at the heart of every choice that we make.  

I remember a teacher of mine in elementary school telling the class that when we got older, we’d be responsible for making many choices, and that God wanted us to make our choices to please Him.  As a child, my little heart wanted to do precisely that.  I wondered what choices He would present to me, and admittedly, my mind was consumed by the idea of those decisions that I would need to make every day.

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Sep 12

Sunday afternoon walk up Thom Creek 015

If someone asked you that question, what would you say?  Where are you going?  Where are you headed?  What path are you on?

Every day I pray that I am on the path that leads to Love, to Jesus, to eternal life with Him.  Every day I try, like a stubborn child trying to walk, to love more than I did the day before.  Sometimes I stand, wobbly, my toes being caressed by the soft grass under foot.  Other times I fall, scraping my face on the unforgiving concrete, just sure that everyone around heard the ‘clunk’.  That is my life: sometimes bright-eyed and other times teary.  Surely you can relate.

In this way, we are on the very same path – both trying desperately to reach Jesus, both wanting to follow Him blindly, both knowing that trusting in Love will always bring us safely to our End.  In another way, however, our paths are our own.  We both know that a saint’s glory is that he is unlike any other.  We know that God breaks the mold, as it were, with each one.

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Jun 12

We kid ourselves.  We are under the delusion that life will instantly be better when some tangible, temporal event comes to pass.  We lie to ourselves.

Things will be better when:

  • The baby sleeps through the night.
  • The toddler is out of his terrible twos.
  • The preschooler begins kindergarten.
  • Summer comes, and there is more time for relaxation.
  • School starts, and there is more time for relaxation.  (Does anyone else see the irony?)
  • The kids graduate high school.  College.  Move out.
  • We are making more money at work.
  • Retirement comes.

The examples are endless.  So is our willingness to stand at the edge of this giant trap and hurl ourselves into it.  There is a part of us that wants these things to be true.  We want the simple passing of time to miraculously change everything that we find to be disagreeable.  We don’t really want to put forth effort, do we?

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