Mar 14

Fish FryOur fish fries will be held on Friday, March 14, 28, and April 11, serving from 5:00 to 7:30 pm. The menu includes codfish, baked potato, potato salad, coleslaw, relish tray, cheese tray, buns, and a variety of bars and cakes. The prices are Adults: $9.50, Under 12: $4.50, and children under 5: free. Carry Outs are available.

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Mar 13

Holy ThursdayCristo crucificado

  • St. John Nepomuc, Castle Rock: 7 PM.
  • St. Mary, Fennimore: 7:30 PM.

Good Friday

  • St. Mary, Fennimore: 1 PM.
  • St. Lawrence O'Toole, Mt. Hope: 3 PM

Easter Vigil

  • St. John Nepomuc, Castle Rock: 8 PM.
  • St. Mary, Fennimore: 8:30 PM.

Easter Sunday

  • St. Mary, Fennimore: 8 and 11 AM.
  • St. Lawrence O'Toole, Mt. Hope: 9:15 AM.
Feb 13

I think it is a true statement to say that many Catholics recognize the teachings of the faith when they are presented to us, but we feel tongue-tied when we’re asked to expound on the Bible.GAlogo

Sure, we know various stories of the Bible—stories about Abraham, Moses, David, and the life of Christ—but we don’t understand the collective whole—the overall salvation history story.

We understand the Sunday readings, but don’t know who followed who.... nor how the readings connect together and ultimately point to Jesus Christ.

Often, when a person commits to reading the Bible “cover to cover," he or she will start with Genesis and stop a few months later at Leviticus. Why? Because the story line disappeared—Leviticus is not a “narrative” book, but a book of Jewish laws.

Because there are certain books that tell “the story” (the narrative), while others give laws or poetic readings or prophecies, it is easy to lose the narrative thread of the story and, thus, lose interest.

The Bible Timeline will take your understanding of the Scriptures and the Catholic faith to an entirely new level.

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