May 12

The month of May has a special charm and beauty. The coming of spring after winter becomes more noticeable: the green grass, the flowers blooming, the warm weather returns… everything seems fit to dedicate this month to the Virgin Mary. Her virtues, her purity and her love for God deserve the month which reminds us of all the wonderful things God has created.

The dedication of the month of May to Mary is a very old tradition. It was born from a love that was forever seeking new ways of expressing itself. We are supposed to love our heavenly Mother all days of the year, but during this beautiful month we can express our love for her in new and more extraordinary ways. By extraordinary I don’t mean complicated or extravagant. We can offer Mary special presents; simple ones, but offered with deep and tender love: little sacrifices in her honor, flowers to her statue, Our Lady of Perpetual Help devotion, periods of study and well-finished work offered up to her, and a more attentive prayer of the Rosary.

How does a normal son or daughter treat their mother? In different ways, of course, but always affectionately and confidently, never coldly. In an intimate way, through small, commonplace customs. And a mother feels hurt if we omit them: a kiss or a hug when leaving or coming home, a little extra attention, a few warm words.

In our relationship with our mother in heaven, we should act in just the same way. Many Catholics have the custom of wearing the scapular; or they have acquired the habit of greeting those pictures – a glance is enough – which are found in every catholic home and in many public places; or they recall the central events in Christ’s life by saying the Rosary, never getting tired of repeating its words, just like people in love; or they mark out a day of the week for her, Saturday… doing some special little thing for her and thinking particularly about her motherhood.

One of the ways to honor the Blessed Mother is to crown her statue in church on the month of May. I have to thank in a special way Carol Rogers and her 6th grade Religious Education class for the beautiful crowning ceremony last Sunday at the 8 AM Mass. I will leave you today with some pictures from this year’s May Crowning.

God bless, Fr. Miguel

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